DEER HUNTER 2018 1.2.1

Can you hunt big game to survive in this realistic gaming experience

This game will provide you with a convincing gaming experience and allow you to get an idea of what it’s like to hunt down deer and other game.

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  • Lots of different regions.
  • Realistic graphics.


  • In App purchases required for extended play.
  • Slow loading times.

This game will provide you with a convincing gaming experience and allow you to get an idea of what it’s like to hunt down deer and other game.

Hunting grounds around The World

Whether it’s in Zimbabwe or Alaska, you are able to enter competitions and try and win trophies in awe inspiring and stunningly beautiful locations, based all around the globe. It’s not just deer you’ll be hunting, but all sorts of big game and the graphics are so realistic that you’ll feel like the animals are jumping out and trying to defend themselves from your gunfire. You’ll see the World’s most beautiful and exotic wildlife and I guess it’s a relief that it’s just a game and you’re not actually trying to kill the real thing. You’ll be shooting like a professional so it will be necessary to develop a very steady hand and be able to line up the sights on your weapon and then master the types of skills required to be able to take the perfect shot. The good thing about this game is that the predators are able to hunt you down as well so be careful or you might end up being the prey.

Become the best hunter around

Google Play leader boards and achievements allow you to compete on The World stage and try to get to the top. You’re also able to collect and also customise your arsenal of firearms which come with barrels, stocks, magazines and scopes.

Deer Hunter 2016 is a hunting simulation game by Glu Game studio for your Android OS smart phone or tablet. The game allows you to hunt all across the world and although 'deer' is in the game, you're not limited by just hunting deer.

Hunt bears in Alaska, deer across North America and then delve into more exotic game in Africa. Far from being safe in the beautifully rendered terrain, predators won't stand idle and let you shoot them down, they'll rush in for the kill unless you're quick and accurate on the trigger!

Each shot is skill based and requires a steady hand and quick reflexes in order to make the all important kill shot. Unlock new locations that offer different game to hunt and display in showcases that are available for other players to browse. Compete with fellow hunters for the biggest and rarest game.

As you play through the game, collect money for collecting certain trophies and unlocking achievements. use money earned in order to purchase new hunting equipment including new rifles, bows and even more exotic weapons.

Take those weapons and then add your personal touches with stocks, scopes and various other upgrades in order to bring your game to a higher level and improve your chances of getting that one perfect score to mount and display. Other tools of the trade like camouflage and different calls offer a rounded out selection to the realistic set of hunting equipment.

Deer hunter 2016 is an upgraded and filled out version of 2015's version of the title and adds more of everything as well as updated graphics for excellent game play and experience. the controls are well suited to a mobile device and you'll find yourself prowling the wilds for ever bigger and more exotic game. Choose your weapon, pick a hunting ground and go fill your trophy case!



DEER HUNTER 2018 1.2.1

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